Keil Development Tools

Keil Development Tools

Keil makes C/C++ compilers, debuggers, integrated environments, real-time kernels, simulation models, and evaluation boards for ARM, Cortex-M, Cortex-R4, 8051, C166, and 251 processor families.

This web site provides information about the embedded development tools, evaluation software, product updates, application notes, example code, and technical support available from Keil.

Keil tools - by ARM Ltd

ARM Development Tools
Embedded development tools for ARM, Cortex-M, and Cortex-R based MCU devices.

ARM Middleware Libraries
RTOS, TCP/IP, Flash file system, USB, and CAN libraries for ARM and Cortex-M devices.

Linux Development Tools
Software tools for Linux and Android development on ARM processor-based targets.

8051 Development Tools
Embedded development tools from Keil support all 8051-compatible devices.

C166 Development Tools
Embedded development tools for Infineon XC166, XE166, and XC2000 MCU families.

ULINK Debug Adapters
The ULINK family of Debug Adapters connect your PC to your target hardware, allowing you to debug embedded programs running on target hardware.

Evaluation Boards
Keil offer an extensive range of evaluation boards and starter kits to quick start your development. Boards are available for ARM, 8051, and 166 processor-based devices.

µVision IDE and Debugger
The Keil µVision4 IDE is common to all Keil software development tools.


How to buy

Customers in the BeNeLux countries are supported by Logic Technology:  the only ARM trained and certified tool vendor for the BeNeLux region.
Customers outside the BeNeLux region please consult a local distributor.

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Keil international distributors

Why buy tools from Keil?

Why should you get your embedded development tools from Keil? There are other tool vendors out there. What makes Keil so special?
At Keil, we don't make a compiler for every different microcontroller architecture. We concentrate on just a few chip families that we can support very well. That's why most of our customers will agree that we have the best development tools for ARM, XC16x/C16x/ST10, 251, and 8051 microcontroller families. Since we have fewer product lines to support, we can dedicate more time to better supporting each tool chain. That allows us to improve our tools and product support faster than other vendors.

Ways we help you finish your job faster:

  • Web-based Updates and E-mail Notification
  • Device Database Listing All Supported Chips
  • Support Knowledgebase: As we receive technical support questions, we enter them into our support database that we publish on the web 
  • Training Courses: For those of you who have to quickly get up-to-speed with our tools, we offer training courses that we can tailor to your specifications.
  • On-line Discussion Forum: We sponsor an open discussion forum at where you may share your comments, suggestions, and questions with other Keil users.
  • Quality is the prime motivating factor at Keil. We want to provide you with a quality product, service, and support.
If we don't meet your expectations, please let us know. But:  If we exceed your expectations, please tell your friends.

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